Saturday, November 5, 2011


"Psychological abuse makes me feel sad and hopeless. I can’t seem to find my future or joy. It robs me of energy and dampens my passion and excitement about life. I’ve never cried so much on the inside. I’m sorry that abuse puts my friendships under strain and that my ways of coping have caused friends to walk away. I want you to know these ways of coping are an attempt to actively resist abuse—even backing down and putting up with it. I’m not weak, a pushover or a doormat."

From this link:

I am sorry for wanting to end my life earlier today. I have so much to live for. But sometimes it all seems to be too much.

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  1. I was going to say... you are too valuable, especially to your children.
    Life is hard R. but you are overcoming so many things that people like me wouldn't be able to handle well.
    I was going to tell you to "type it up" when you say "4-- friends and no one to talk to". i can be your "writer" friend since i cant even seem to have a 5 minutes conversation over the phone since Lulu was born.
    I love to read and can type back once i get the chance. i can offer you that type of friendship. ((HUGS!))