Thursday, January 20, 2011

First post ....

I've had a number of blogs before, some very successful with over 1000 followers. None of it meant anything though, because I had holed myself into one little niche, and even if I didn't feel like writing about the topic that day, I had to, because the contracts I signed in order to make a little cash mandated it.

Before, there were things I couldn't talk about. I couldn't talk about spirituality, or how my personal journey affects my parenting. I couldn't talk about things that are important to me, like supporting women in the childbearing years, ending routine infant circumcision, and gentle discipline.

This is a fresh new beginning. I'm all brand new, every day, every moment, every second. This blog is like that moment between inhaling and exhaling, the sacred renewal available to us at all times, if we only pause to see it.

Join me on this path, explore with me as we become what we are. I'm very happy to have you here.

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