Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am sad that we live in a culture where it is considered normal and acceptable to slice up the genitals of newborn babies.

I am sad that we live in a culture dominated by medicine, that doctors are "God" and incapable of making biased decisions, or decisions based on old studies that are no longer relevant or even safe.

I am sad that we live in a country so blinded by greed that people's health and well being come at a price.

I am determined to change all of this, one momma at a time. I am determined to give good, unbiased information, based on the latest research and old fashioned common sense. I am determined to help parents make the best, healthiest choices for themselves and their families.

I am equally determined not to judge a family if they make a choice that I wouldn't have made. If a momma is given the information, and she chooses to mutilate her child or allow a doctor to needlessly slice her open, that is a choice that cannot be undone. I will not lay a guilt trip on her. I will not get angry. I will not allow my feelings of sadness to ruin the beautiful, delicate postnatal period.

I will simply try harder next time. If I save even one baby, if I help even one mother to avoid unnecessary obstetric interventions, or to find resources for interventions she may need due to health issues - then I have succeeded.

I will not give up. I will not stop until I die.

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